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2: The Opportunity

This is the opportunity for a more efficient inspection system tied into maintenance and other databases that reduces PAPER & TIME while INCREASING AVAILABILITY of your fleet of planes.

To get a perspective lets look at a 50 hour inspection for a small twin-engine plane. It may entail 10 critical areas and can easily be done by one inspector/mechanic. Who has to fill out the PAPER work, enter into the planes log and follow company procedures for reporting. Lets look at a 100-hour inspection for the same type of plane. It could easily take 20 -25 man-hours and the report would be 11 pages with an average of 20 items per page. (Every company would have different reporting formats.) If you contract out for this service, you would pay in the range of $55.00 to $75.00 per hour. So at this level of inspection you have produced: 11 pages of nonstandard paper reports, 220 items that had to be looked at or measured, 25 man-hours at $75.00/hr = $1,875.00. Remember that this is a small twin-engine plane (6-9 people).

Lets look at an inspection of a Boeing 737 commercial airliner. These planes have been around for over 20 years and there have been more than 2,000 manufactured with most still in service. This is just one model from one manufacturer. They follow the same inspection regime as the smaller planes but the man-hours for inspection & maintenance on the commercial jets increase dramatically for these larger aircraft. This means that availability of your planes decreases and complexity of the inspection increases. To solve this problem you can buy more planes to compensate (very expensive), hire more service personnel to inspect and maintain (less expensive) or do nothing and watch your competition gain on you (more expensive than the other two).

Most would choose to hire more people and speed up the process. This means you have teams of inspectors, mechanics and people to co-ordinate. Imagine the paper work, duplication and possible missed items! This is where our Safe Air Solution (with our patents and proprietary knowledge) will be able to offer many advantages over currently available systems. What has opened up this HUGE OPPORTUNITY is the combination of a memory chip with the new WIRELESS hand held computing devices, using the Internet as their platform of communication.

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