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1: Introduction

Safe Air Solutions is a web based; wireless, integrated database software system for the inspection, maintenance and asset management of commercial aircraft. There are several software packages on the market, but none of them use any storage of data at critical inspection nodes on the aircraft. They do not simultaneously store information at the point of inspection, in the hand-held wireless device, on a secure / encrypted server and integrate with the airlines own computer records. The majority of them rely on paper entries to the maintenance logbook on the aircraft.

The FAA in the United States primarily regulates air safety in the USA. Any planes that enter the US fall under their regulations. They review the standards for aircraft inspections, and along with the manufacturers, set the aircraft maintenance schedules and recommended procedures. Most countries have their own departments that mirror the FAA, but they do have different regulations, laws etc.

On the aircraft inspection side, all aircraft have inspection cycles that are measured in different ways. One example would be "Cycle Life", how many take offs and landings. There are inspection guidelines for every aircraft, which are tied to flying hours. Examples: 50 hours, 100 hours, 200 hours, 500 hours and 1000 hours. There may be only a limited number of items to be inspected at 50 hours, but at each progressive level there are more things to be checked. So at 1000 hours they may literally disassemble the plane and rebuild it. There are repetitive aircraft inspections that occur every 100 hours or special inspections. Everything has to be documented which means in most cases PAPER and TIME.

The commercial airlines are in a very competitive business, so they cannot in most cases just increase fares to meet their profit objectives. They are in an efficiency war and have to use every tool they can to increase productivity or reduce costs. They have to pick their market niche and fight to maintain it. So what would it mean to an airline if they could increase the availability of their fleet by 5%? Or if their aircraft maintenance departments could have a 10% gain in productivity? Or they can get several million more for their surplus aircraft because they have perfect aircraft maintenance histories on each plane in their fleet? Or they can spot counterfeit parts while doing their aircraft inspections? Or they have a better aircraft safety record than the competition?

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